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Visit the Disney® Parks with exclusive VIP treatment and access! Pre-book today with MagicBreaks to add onto your booking in advance. 

Disney VIP Tours

Disney Classic VIP Tour

Explore one or both Disney® Parks at Disneyland® Paris with your very own VIP Guide. You'll enjoy a personalised visit filled with magical perks, including privileged access to the attractions and specially reserved viewing areas for the shows!

* Personal Disney guide

* Personalised tour of the Disney® Parks (6 hours)

* Expedited access to attractions (1)

* Dedicated viewing areas for shows (2)


calendar Arrivals from 1st May 2022 - 29th March 2023

Private Tour for up to 10 guests
Price £2418


For more information or to book call us on 0330 880 5007.


(1) Subject to availability the day of the tour.
(2) Shows have limited availability and may be restricted by capacity constraints at time of booking.
All attractions, shows and entertainment are subject to change without notice.

All Guests are required to have a valid Disney® Parks admission to enjoy Disney Classic VIP Tour services. Disney® Parks tickets are not included in the price of Disney Classic VIP Tour. Disney® Parks tickets are sold separately, the purchase of which are the sole responsibility of the Guest.

Further terms and conditions may apply.


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